the exceptional beauty of colours.

knowing biodiversity is the first step to loving it. our planet is the greatest theatre of biodiversity in the galaxy and our earth deserves to be rediscovered and protected.

colours from planet earth.

we dedicate our collections to endangered species. each one is a symbol and also an opportunity to raise awareness on some of the most extraordinary but also fragile creatures that inhabit planet earth.

life on earth is under threat of extinction.

sustainability is our greatest value and improving every day, is part of our pattern.

we dedicate our work to our planet with no compromise. our success depends on supporting people, not exploiting resources. and it will always be.

protecting the the amazon rainforest.

the amazon rainforest is threatened by deforestation for the construction of plantations and livestock farms. the speed of expansion of this phenomenon seems unstoppable, and in 2022 it reached its highest percentage, exceeding that of 2018 by 80%. with every starterpack sold, we support the activities of SOS Amazonia to safeguard the planet's largest lung.