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small but consistent actions for a positive impact on the Earth.

help the planet with the push of a button.

transforming your planet's future with simple things that matter.

store food that last up to 5 times longer.

according to data from the United Nations Food Waste Index, it is estimated that 930 million tons of food were wasted in 2019, with approximately 60% being discardedby consumers at home. Not to mention that food production is responsible for about 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions.
DRO!D helps preserve food better and longer, decreasing household food waste.

save up to 5kg of plastic/year.

the choice that we made was to not use flexible plastic bags until we will be able to formulate a compostable/biodegradable material with the same performance. the use of rigid containers results in a saving of more than 300 nonrecyclable plastic bags per person, which corresponds to a per capita contribution of 30 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere.

gogreen shipment.

on average trucks, ships and airplanes transport 24% of air. we selected DHL's GoGreen sustainable shipping service and we designed a packaging that minimizes empty spaces to optimize the space occupied and reduce the impact on  transportation and fuel consumption.

our packaging innovations.

with DRO!D you support a specialised 100% Italian supply chain: design, production and assembly are entirely carried out in Italy.

our packaging is made from high-quality, 100% recycled and recyclable, carbon neutral, biodegradable and FSC certified paper.

all filler material used in our packaging consists of water-soluble maize-based chips.

colours from extinction.

celebrating the beauty of the planet to show its fragility.

biodiversity is our planet's true wealth, from our tables to the surrounding environment. losing a species means losing a unique piece of existence. celebrating the planet's beauty highlights its fragility. each container color represents an endangered species, raising awareness and promoting conscious lifestyle choices for ecosystem protection.

against the food aging and waste.

take a first step towards sustainability and adopt positive habits for your home and the planet.