the tree of life.

we will never compromise on sustainability. everything we produce must improve the coexistence between humans and earth. or we simply will not do it.

how we work.

harmony between humans and nature is at the heart of all our projects. we seek solutions, simple but drastic, to establish a new concept of balance.

what inspire us.

nature is our main source of inspiration. from research to design, every step we take is guided by functional models found in nature: products optimised for specific functions, study of life cycle, materials, product architecture - nothing we do is perfect, and this drives us to continually evolve.

our colours.

if we talk about colours, let us choose unique tones, each dedicated to an endangered species. let us remember the value of biodiversity, the unique and irreplicable beauty of our planet's evolutionary heritage.

materials innovation.

materials are our way of reading the future of sustainability. the integration of humans and nature starts here: technological and sustainable innovation in the world of micro- and nanomaterials, expansion in the use of recyclable and recycled materials in all products, energy efficiency in use and production, and the use of zero-impact packaging.

check out DRO!D.

take a first step towards sustainability and adopt positive habits for your home and the planet. discover DRO!D and our fight against food waste.