reducing the environmental impact of a product means anticipating its footprint, it does not mean to fall in ordinary sustainable solutions.

what we gave back up to now.

we are a young brand and we will continue to work hard in positive actions for our planet supporting worthy projects. feel free to contact us for collaborations or suggestions.

a CO₂ absorbing murales.

we created a 200 sq. m. murales in milan in collaboration with lifegate, painted with 20 liters of airlite paint, capable of absorbing pollutants emitted by non-electric vehicles, through a photocatalytic process.

thirty sustainable green graffiti.

an advertising technique with a zero environmental impact in collaboration with green graffiti: the mixture used is a natural base, the cleaning phase takes place with only water completely and the aluminum stencils are recycled at the end of the processing.

find us around milan!

protecting the amazon rainforest.

the first 1000 starter packs will help the reforestation program in the amazon region, supporting SOS amazonia.