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a single button to stop the aging of your food.

the push of a button defies the laws of physics. you are playing with time - making food last longer. in just 30 seconds, it reduces the pressure inside containers to 50 millibars, equivalent to 5% of normal air molecule levels.

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high performance vacuum technology.

with high vacuum you are playing with time making food last longer and go further than ever before.

the only anti-ageing you need.

DRO!D slows the aging process of food on a molecular level by removing 95% of the oxygen within each container. this means for fresh and youthful food for weeks, not just days.

high performance vacuum.

DRO!D, the perfect system to protect the food you love, longer and better. fight food waste from home.

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containers set.

containers set.

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why it makes a difference

extended food life.


eliminating all oxygen, vacuum technology blocks the food oxidation process, allowing to keep intact the nutritional and organoleptic properties and without affecting odors, colors and texture.

time per suction.


the two vacuum powers, allow to reach high vacuum performance and also protect delicate foods. in around 30 seconds the device is able to reach up to 50 mbar of vacuum.

marinating time.


vacuum is an excellent ally also for the preparation phase. the vacuum is perfect for marinating food, it allows the seasoning to better, quicker and more easily penetrate inside the food tissues.

oxygen reduction.


in vacuum technology pressure is measured in millibar (mbar), where absolute vacuum is considered 0 mbar. reaching 50 mbar with DRO!D will reduce 95% of the oxygen within the containers.

we stand against the rules of nature which dictate how food should live and die as waste.

slow down the ageing.

eliminating bacteria.

DRO!D’s vacuum technology deprives food of the oxygen that bacteria needs to grow, creating a space where ageing is slowed down.

about us.

our origins.

we are the consumer brand of SAES, an advanced materials company that has been developing and producing materials and technologies for the most advanced application areas: from particle accelerators to space. with a strong commitment to the world of sustainability, from compostable food packaging to consumer electronics.