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high performance vacuum.

DRO!D, the perfect system to protect the food you love, longer and better. fight food waste from home.

the solution to household food waste.

simple and fast. DRO!D's speed opens up new horizons: in less than 30 seconds per process it removes 95% of oxygen. food: fresher, longer.

because food matters. because food matters. because food matters. because food matters.
because food matters. because food matters. because food matters. because food matters.


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simple. powerful. fast.

DRO!D is designed to be simple. nothing superfluous has been added. no distractions. high-performance vacuum in the palm of your hand. to use it as often as you like.

standing out while disappearing.

DRO!D is so small that it can be integrated into all kitchens, even the smallest. its aerospace design distinguishes it from ordinary objects, but its use is easy and intuitive.

zero waste goal.

931 million tons of food is wasted every year. 61% of food waste is produced in our homes.
but by multiplying many simple actions we can make a change.

protecting biodiversity.

by protecting our food we protect our biodiversity. it is critical for the preservation of the planet but also for our well-being and health.

we will never give up on sustainability. it will always remain our priority. everything we produce must be better for the planet, people and businesses.

about us.

we are the consumer brand of SAES, an advanced materials company that has been developing and producing materials and technologies for the most advanced application areas: from particle accelerators to space. with a strong commitment to the world of sustainability, from compostable food packaging to consumer electronics.