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high performance vacuum for your food.

experience longer lasting freshness. keeping food as youthful, as the day it was bought.

a new collection inspired by the oceans.

products made from plastics recycled from the oceans.

a power for your food.

DRO!D is designed to preserve food and its properties for an extended period by creating a vacuum.

our difference in numbers.


extended food life.

vacuum technology eliminates oxygen, preserving food's nutritional properties, flavors, colors, and texture.

- kg

saved plastics.

with rigid containers you can save up to 5 kg of non recyclable plastic per person, each year.

- %

marinating time.

an excellent ally for marinating food, it allows seasonings and flavours to easily penetrate food’s tissues, better and quicker.

- kg

saved food.

in Europe, 42% of food waste occurs at the household level, equivalent to 76 kg per capita every year. 25% by weight of what we buy is wasted.

Pressure is the key.

reaching a professional vacuum level of 50 mbar, DRO!D removes the unnecessary and creates the perfect
space for food preservation.

Unlocking Magic with Simple Gestures.

organized kitchen for everyone and for the whole week.

extraordinary marinades in no time thanks to the powerful vacuum.

lock food in vacuum for perfect preservation, lasting up to 5x longer.

the best way to keep your coffee aroma deep and intense every morning, just like the first day.

discover our containers collections.

the device can be used with all B!POD containers.
original colors are inspired by our biodiversity.

iconic design.

a design that starts from a blank slate.
awarded by the most prestigious international awards.

green shipping.

enjoy our free (over 100 euros order) and sustainable shipping. 

Duties and taxes included.

don't worry about extra expenses, everything is included.

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