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ocean bound plastics.

dive into our new collection made with recycled materials from the oceans.

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is plastic waste within 50 kilometers of coastlines, at high risk of polluting the ocean. By intercepting and recycling OBP, we can reduce ocean pollution, protect marine life, and promote sustainability.

more and more sustainable.

efforts to tackle OBP involve environmental organizations, local communities, and companies, aiming to reduce ocean plastic pollution, protect marine life, and promote recycling. through strategic partnerships, we are able to use Ocean Bound Plastics (OBP) in a fully ISCC certified supply chain, recovering plastic waste that pollutes seas and rivers, transforming it into durable products.

dedicated to the ocean's wonders.

two new colors dedicated to the ocean and its creatures threatened by plastic and microplastic pollution: the napoleon wrasse and the giant oceanic manta ray.

a new life for the oceans.

we recover plastic waste responsible for polluting seas and rivers, giving it a new life as products designed to last.

about the oceans bound plastics.