sustainability. science. design.

we are the consumer innovations division of SAES, an advanced material company pioneering applications of materials to improve integration between humans and planet.

what we do.

at B!POD we look for simple solutions to complex problems. we work to create products which allow people to make a difference. every day. through simple actions, as pressing a button.

how we do it.

being a new brand, our growth is driven by exploration, confrontation, experimentation. our goal is to leave a positive imprint by challenging the status quo, archetypes and traditional models. this is why we approach every launch as a space launch.

we believe in science-based design.

our design approach is based on durability, high performance, essential aesthetics and minimal footprint.

our development paradigm.

we are aware that no manufacturing brand can claim to be completely sustainable, but this only pushes us to search for new solutions and to question all choices, even the most logical ones. our goal is to improve the coexistence between humans and nature, and we base our reseach on material science.

DRO!D. high vacuum for your food.

B!POD's first project: reinventing vacuum technology. high performance in the palm of your hand. from 70 years of experience in ultra-high vacuum, from particle accelerators to your hands to protect the food you love and reduce food waste.

for humans and nature.

by taking a small step daily we can make a huge difference for our planet.