starter pack.

DRO!D + a set of 3 containers.

featuring the professional grade vacuum technology in a compact design, the starter pack includes everything you need to get started.


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high vacuum device.

set of three containers.

charging kit.

How the system works.

DRO!D connects to containers via an interface on the lid and with a click generates a powerful vacuum capable of preserving food up to 5 times longer, maintaining its properties unaltered.

high performances for easy use.

advanced vacuum technology and an innovative layout allow DRO!D to achieve the same performance as machines 10 times larger, in just 30 seconds.

A power that goes beyond preservation.

with DRO!D, you can preserve food up to 5 times longer, but the power of the vacuum also allows for preparations that would otherwise be very time-consuming.


marinating with DRO!D reduces the time by up to 80%. simply vacuum seal and release after a few minutes. to enhance the effect, you can repeat the process multiple times.


DRO!D reduces drastically the pressure in the container, accelerating the osmotic process and eliminating the presence of air bubbles that negatively interfere with the process.


DRO!D allows for faster and more complete extraction of aromas and bioactive compounds. accelerating infusion even at room temperature, eliminating the need to heat the liquid and preserving heat-sensitive ingredients.

a space and time saving system. not only in special preparations but also in everyday activities.

created for versatility.

made to be compatible with all kitchen uses: dishwasher, fridge, and even freezer. designed to be stackable and compatible with all standard refrigerator systems, even the smaller ones.

designed for safety.

made with FDA-approved and MOCA-certified materials for food safety with any category of food. free of bisphenol a for safe use even in the microwave.

Energy-Efficient Vacuum

a vacuum process created with DRO!D consumes only a fifth of the energy required to make a coffee capsule, and its effect lasts for weeks.

Experience the power of the vacuum.