starter pack borealis whale grey.

high performance food vacuum system.

take your first step with the starter pack that includes: DRO!D, the high performance food vacuum device, and its set of 3 containers, 3 sizes stackable in one. perfect for storing and protecting the food you love. fresh for longer.

*free green shipping, tax, and duties included.

make a difference. have an impact.

to protect the food you love and reduce waste, check out the high-performance vacuum technology of DRO!D.

why vacuum technology.

DRO!D's high vacuum reduces the occurrence of bacterial overgrowth, which means food stays fresh longer, does not generate bad odors, and keeps its nutritional properties, colors, and even textures intact.

technical details.

protect your food.

next-level vacuum technology. the performance of a professional machine in the palm of your hand. to protect the food you love and preserve it better and longer.

zero waste.

keep your food better for longer, reuse leftovers and cut down on food waste. in addition, using the rigid containers saves up to 300 non-recyclable plastic bags each year.

organise your pantry.

3 sizes to fit every space. prepare vegetables and fruit in advance. organise leftovers or prepare a meal for the office. there is always a perfect size.

how it works.

fill the container. place the device matching suction chamber and valve on the container's lid. press the button. start the ptocess.

protecting our biodiversity by creating awareness.

choose the perfect colour. each tone is dedicated to an endangered species. a tribute to nature. discover the meaning of our colours.

sharp mission.

we believe in "power in less", not in unnecessary abundance. DRO!D is the first of its kind, designed to leave in people's hands the power to make a difference. the iconic aerospace-inspired design highlights the desire to do something radically new and truly powerful.