step-by-step guide.

how to use.

fill the container.

make sure to leave 1cm of space from the cap to avoid blocking the valve.

place the device on the container.

be sure to align the suction chamber and the valve.

select the mode.

to select the vacuum mode, click the activation button, then press and hold it for a few seconds.

tilt the device.

in the initial seconds of the process it is important to apply a slight pressure to ensure a complete seal of the device.

store the container.

once the process is done, store the container in your fridge, freezer or countertop.

release the vacuum.

to open the container, gently flex the valve by lifting it with your finger.

icon system.

main screen.

DRO!D displays the logo and current battery level.

high vacuum mode.

this mode is ideal for all types of preservation and is recommended for longer durations, reaching a vacuum level of 50mbar.

low vacuum mode.

this mode is perfect for containers that are frequently opened, it's faster and achieves a vacuum of 150mbar.

what foods can be preserved?

vacuum is a very effective preservation technology and is suitable for all types of food: cooked, raw, cut, whole, liquid, and solid. it is great for freshly bought food but also for leftovers. the only exception is raw egg and preparations that involve it.


no more odor contamination between different foods, and goodbye to transparent wrap.


no more pasta and rice getting ruined by the heat.


no more freeze burn and 'watered-down' foods.