how to use DRO!D.

an easy habit to get into. it only takes a few steps to learn how to use it.

how it works.

at first glance it may seem a little complex. but DRO!D is extremely intuitive and the learning curve is immediate. instructions are important but using it is the easiest and most effective way to understand it.


what foods can I vacuum?

vacuum is a very effective preservation technology and is suitable for all types of food: cooked, raw, cut, whole, liquid, and solid. it is great for freshly bought food but also for leftovers. the only exception is raw egg and preparations that involve it.

how to read the display.

on the display you can see all the device's activities. the battery status, the vacuum level you selected, and the real-time process when performing a vacuum process on a container. it only takes a little and the interaction is naturally intuitive.

zero waste.

keep your food better for longer, reuse leftovers and cut down on food waste. in addition, using the rigid containers saves up to 300 non-recyclable plastic bags each year.