for the sale of B!Pod branded products on the website www.bipod.it 

accompanied by photographs - which the CUSTOMER may read  

For the purposes of these general terms of sale (hereafter, the  “General Terms”), the following terms will have the meanings indicated  below (without distinction between singular and plural): a) “SAES Getters S.p.A.” or “SAES”: the seller of the Products, as  defined in more detail below, offered for sale on the website  www.bipod.it, namely SAES Getters S.p.A. with registered office at  Viale Italia 77 – 20045 – Lainate (Mi) Share Capital: Euro 12,220.00,  VAT no. and Tax Code: 00774910152; Economic & Administrative  Index of Milan: 317232 and Economic & Administrative Index of  Varese: 116941; Tel. +39 02 93178.1 Fax +39 02 93178.250 Certified  email: saes-ul@pec.it, E-mail: support@b!pod.it 

  1. b) “WEBSITE”: the e-commerce website www.bipod.it; c) “CONTRACT”: the contract for the PRODUCTS offered on the WEBSITE to the CONSUMER; this definition also includes those of "sale contract" - namely any contract concerning the PRODUCTS  based upon which SAES transfers or undertakes to transfer ownership  of the goods to the CUSTOMER and the CUSTOMER pays or  undertakes to pay their price; 
  2. c) “CUSTOMER”: the natural person CONSUMER, defined in more detail below, who purchases the PRODUCTS on the WEBSITE, accepting these General Terms; 
  3. d) “CONSUMER”: the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to any business, commercial, craft or professional activity performed; f) “PRODUCTS”: the B!Pod branded products sold on the WEBSITE.

2.1 The following General Terms, in the version in force when the  CUSTOMER makes the order, and any other document attached to this  form or cited by the same, regulate the offer and sale of the  PRODUCTS on the WEBSITE and, together with the CONTRACT,  constitute the full regulation of the relationship between SAES and the  CUSTOMER. These General Terms are drafted in conformity with  Italian Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 (“Consumer  Code”), with particular reference to Section II, and to Italian Legislative  Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003, transposing the EU Directive on  Information Society services (known as "E-Commerce Directive”). Any  derogations from these General Terms will only be valid and  recognised by SAES subject to express written consent.  

2.2 The sending or delivery of any purchase order by the CUSTOMER  to SAES implies full acceptance by the CUSTOMER - without  reservation - of these General Terms, even if they are not specifically  signed by the CUSTOMER. The General Terms can be found on the  WEBSITE and the text can be consulted and downloaded at any time  from the WEBSITE or by clicking on the link contained in every order  confirmation form. 

2.3 These General Terms are therefore considered to be known by all  CUSTOMERS and apply to all sales of PRODUCTS on the WEBSITE.  2.4 SAES reserves the right to add, modify or delete any clause of  these General Terms, it being understood that those additions,  modifications or deletions will apply to all sales concluded after  publication and acceptance by the CUSTOMER. 

2.5 SAES does not offer sales of PRODUCTS to minors, including  products for children. All PRODUCTS are sold exclusively in quantities  compatible with domestic use. This applies both to quantities of  PRODUCTS ordered in a single order and to the submission of several  orders for the same PRODUCT. 


If the CONTRACT is entered into between SAES and a CUSTOMER,  in accordance with Art. 49 of the Consumer Code, the following  mandatory information is provided:  

3.1 The identity, company details and contact details of SAES are  those indicated in the definition contained in Art. 1, letter a) above. In  accordance with Art. 49, paragraph 1, letter d) of the Consumer Code,  it is specified, where necessary, that the CONSUMER CUSTOMER  may send any complaints to the aforementioned contact details. That  information is also provided in accordance with and for the effects of  Italian Legislative Decree 70/2003.  

3.2 The essential characteristics of the PRODUCTS are indicated in  specific technical specifications published on the WEBSITE - 

before submitting the purchase offer. Those images are for illustration  purposes only and may, therefore, not correspond exactly to the  external characteristics of the PRODUCTS; for example, they may  differ by colour, size, depicted accessories and context. In those cases,  SAES may not be held liable for any inadequacy of the images of the  PRODUCTS. SAES reserves the right to modify/adjust at any time the  range offered on the WEBSITE, the technical, dimensional or other  type of information of the PRODUCTS in the catalogue, as well as the  respective prices, even without prior notice. Those specifications or the  respective web pages shown during the purchase process also indicate  the following information: a) availability and price, including all taxes  and costs charged to the CUSTOMER; b) additional charges and costs  for delivery, depending on the shipment and delivery method offered on  the WEBSITE and chosen by the CUSTOMER, and any other  additional cost items as appropriate, which are charged to the  CUSTOMER (it is specified that - and the CUSTOMER is informed in  accordance with Art. 57 of the Consumer Code - the CUSTOMER is  charged the costs of returning the PRODUCTS if it exercises the right  of withdrawal in accordance with Art. 8 below); c) the payment  methods, the methods of delivering the goods or performing the  service; d) the validity period of the various offers and prices (also for  promotional and special sales and/or discounts applied); e) the date by  which SAES undertakes to deliver the PRODUCTS.  

3.3 With reference to the right of withdrawal due to the CUSTOMER,  see Articles 8 and 9 below.  

3.4 The online publication of these General Terms of Sale and Article 3  above are valid as presentation of information on a durable medium  provided to the CUSTOMER in accordance with Art. 51 of the  Consumer Code. 

  1. INFORMATION FOR CONCLUDING THE CONTRACT 4.1 Art. 11 of Italian Legislative Decree 70/2003 requires each supplier  of goods to provide to Customers specific information for concluding  the CONTRACT. SAES fulfils the respective informative obligations  towards the CUSTOMER below.  

4.2 With reference to the various technical phases to be followed to  conclude the CONTRACT, the WEBSITE contains a guided process, to  which full reference is made, which allows the CUSTOMER at any time  to verify and then validate any information entered and to correct any  errors prior to the temporary submission of the electronic form  containing the purchase order proposal and until the conclusion of the  CONTRACT

4.3 Having received the CUSTOMER's order, SAES will send to the  latter an email summarising the information concerning the sale (in  particular, details of the purchaser and the order, price of the  PRODUCT and shipping costs, applicable taxes, payment method,  delivery address and a reference to these General Terms of contract as  well as information on the existence of the right of withdrawal and the  terms and methods of its exercise. With reference to the way in which  the CONTRACT, once concluded, will be archived and the respective  access methods by the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER will find the text  in the customer area of the website and will receive a summary email of  the purchase made and the link to consult and download the text of  these General Terms

4.4 With reference to the technical means made available to the  CUSTOMER to identify and correct data entry errors prior to submitting  the order, the system for concluding the CONTRACT on the WEBSITE  requests confirmation of the accuracy of the data entered (which the  CUSTOMER must check and confirm) and automatically indicates any  errors deriving from a failure to indicate mandatory data in the various  fields of the online order.  

4.5 The languages available for concluding the CONTRACT are Italian  and English.  

4.6 With reference to the indication of the dispute resolution tools, see  Art. 12 below.  

4.7 The clauses and these General Terms proposed to the  CUSTOMER are and will always be available to the latter: they can  always be saved and reproduced by visiting the WEBSITE.  Furthermore, the General Terms of Sale are made available to the  CUSTOMER in the confirmation email of receipt of the order containing  the link to the location where they can be read and printed. 

Rev. March 2022 


5.1 All prices indicated on the WEBSITE are expressed in Euros and  include any applicable legal VAT. The prices published when  submitting the order will apply. The submitted order may only be  changed within 24 hours from its conclusion; the order thus changed  will be subject to the prices published at the time of the change. The  prices do not include transportation and delivery costs which will be  duly highlighted prior to submission of the order by the CUSTOMER  and in the summary indicated in Art. 4.3 above.  

5.2 The goods are shipped only to delivery addresses in Italy and in the  following countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Denmark,  Finland, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia,  Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Estonia, Holland,  Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Any changes relating to the  shipment countries will be made available on the WEBSITE from time  to time. Following the sending of the summary indicated in Art. 4.3  above, the shipment timescales in Italy are approximately 3-4 working  days (from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).  

5.3 The delivery timescales may be changed with respect to what is  stated in these General Terms and in the additional documentation.  Furthermore, if SAES is unable to deliver the ordered goods through no  fault of its own (e.g. due to force majeure or a cause of contractual  impediment by a supplier of SAES), SAES has the right to withdraw  from the CONTRACT with the CUSTOMER. In this case, the  CUSTOMER will be promptly informed that the ordered PRODUCT is  unavailable for delivery; any sums already paid by the CUSTOMER will  be refunded immediately. 

5.4 The shipment risk is borne by SAES. 

5.5 SAES will not, however, be liable for delivery errors of PRODUCTS  due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in completing the order by the  CUSTOMER and/or lack of delivery of the PRODUCTS due to absence  of the recipient.  


6.1 The WEBSITE offers the following payment methods, at the  discretion of the CUSTOMER: credit card (MasterCard, VISA) and  PayPal, both managed via the SHOPIFY platform. No additional cost  will be charged to the CUSTOMER for using the aforementioned  payment methods. 

6.2 The payment will be managed directly by SHOPIFY. See the  website https://it.shopify.com/legal/termini for the payment terms. SAES reserves the right, in specific cases, not to allow access to  individual payment methods or to use alternative payment methods. 6.3 The amount is due immediately. In the event of payment by credit  card, the charge for the invoice amount will be applied to the card  account when ordering the goods. 


7.1 Subject to mandatory provisions of law, SAES guarantees the  PRODUCTS from defects, deformities or faults for a period of 1 year  from delivery, in accordance with the guarantee for defects of sold  property regulated by the Italian Civil Code (Articles 1490 et seq.),  provided that the defects identified are reported, under penalty of  forfeiture, within the terms indicated in Art. 1495 of the Italian Civil  Code.  

7.2 This is also without prejudice, for the CUSTOMER, to the legal  guarantee of conformity for consumer goods regulated by the  Consumer Code (Articles 128 et seq.). That guarantee covers defects  of conformity of the PRODUCTS and the respective components,  existing upon delivery of the goods, which have come to light within 24 

months from that date and which were reported, under penalty of  forfeiture, within 2 months from their discovery, in conformity with Art.  132 of the Consumer Code.  

7.3 A “defect of conformity” is in place when the Product: (i) is not  suitable for its normal use, for which goods of the same nature are  habitually used; (ii) does not comply with the description given by SAES  or does not possess the quality of the sample or model; (iii) does not  offer the usual qualities and performances of a good of the same 

nature, which the CUSTOMER can reasonably expect, considering the  nature of the good and, if appropriate, the public declarations on the  specific characteristics made in that regard by SAES, by the  manufacturer or by its agent or representative, particularly in  advertising or on the label (subject to legal limitations); (iv) is not  suitable for the particular use desired by the CUSTOMER, if brought to  the attention of SAES when making the purchase and accepted by  

SAES; (v) was installed imperfectly, if the installation is included in the  CONTRACT and was carried out by SAES either under its own  responsibility or, in the case of a product designed to be installed by the  CUSTOMER, is installed by the latter incorrectly due to a lack of  instructions; or (vi) has suffered a defect resulting from transportation,  where the respective activities are included in the CONTRACT and  have been carried out by SAES or under its responsibility.  

There is no defect of conformity if, when concluding the CONTRACT,  the CUSTOMER was aware of the defect or could have been aware of  it using all due diligence. 

7.4 The legal guarantee entitles the CUSTOMER, subject to  ascertaining the existence of the reported defect, to obtain the  restoration of conformity of the PRODUCT, requesting, at its discretion,  the repair or replacement with a similar good, except where the  requested remedy is objectively impossible or excessively onerous with  respect to the other available remedy. To that end, the requested  remedy is to be considered exclusively onerous if it imposes upon  SAES unreasonable costs as opposed to another remedy, with regard:  (i) to the value that the good would have had if there had been no  defect of conformity; (ii) to the extent of the defect of conformity; (iii) to  the possibility of the alternative remedy being carried out without  significant inconvenience for the CUSTOMER. 

The repair or replacement will be carried out within sixty days of the  request and without causing significant inconvenience to the  CUSTOMER, taking account of the nature of the good and the reason  why it was purchased and, in any case, without charging any costs. 

If (i) the repair and replacement are impossible or excessively onerous;  (ii) the conformity of the PRODUCT has not been restored within sixty  days from the request; or (iii) the replacement or repair carried out has  caused significant inconvenience to the CUSTOMER, the latter may  also request, at its discretion, a reduction in the price (taking account of  the use of the product made by the CUSTOMER and the consequent  depreciation) or, except in cases of slight defects of conformity (namely  those which do not prejudice the use of the good), for which the  restoration by repair or replacement is not possible or is excessively  onerous, the termination of the CONTRACT. 

SAES reserves the right to offer to the CUSTOMER any other available  remedies, notwithstanding that: (i) if the CUSTOMER has already  requested a specific remedy, SAES is required to implement it, with the  necessary consequences in relation to the effectiveness of the term of  sixty days indicated above, subject to acceptance by the CUSTOMER  of an alternative proposed remedy; (ii) if the CUSTOMER has not  already requested a specific remedy, it may accept the offer or reject it  by choosing another of the remedies envisaged by law. 

The replacement or repair of the PRODUCT, or of one of its  components, is without prejudice to the conditions of validity and  duration of the guarantee, which will continue to be valid from the time  of delivery of the original product. 

7.5 Without prejudice to what is envisaged respectively, in particular  and inter alia, with reference to the subject, duration and effectiveness,  the guarantee indicated in points 1 or 2 above, as applicable, is  excluded in the case of: (i) tampering or alteration of the product; (ii)  improper or negligent use, storage or maintenance of the product by  the CUSTOMER or by third parties; (iii) failure to comply with the  instructions for use, maintenance or storage provided by the  manufacturer in the product instruction manual or other instruction  provided by SAES; (iv) defects or malfunctioning of the products  caused by atmospheric or natural events, acts of vandalism or  accidental breakages not attributable to the manufacturer or to SAES or  to persons instructed by them for transportation, installation or  maintenance operations. 

7.6 The guarantee indicated in points 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4 above, as  applicable, must be invoked directly to SAES using the contact details  indicated in the definition in Art. 1, letter a) above. 

The CUSTOMER must indicate therein: (i) the model code and serial  number of the PRODUCT; (ii) the delivery date of the PRODUCT (e.g.  by producing the email communication delivery note and/or sale receipt  and/or purchase invoice) and (iii) the ascertained defect or deformity,  attaching, where possible, any photographic productions or those of  another nature.  

The personnel in charge will then provide to the CUSTOMER all  information necessary on the other procedures to be followed to  exercise the guarantee. 

If the checks performed reveal that the guarantee does not apply,  SAES reserves the right to charge to the CUSTOMER the  transportation costs and expenses of the checks carried out as well as 

Rev. March 2022 

the costs of recovery, if that activity has in any case been requested by  the CUSTOMER even if not covered by the guarantee. 


8.1 The CUSTOMER has the right of withdrawal, to be exercised under  the conditions and by the methods indicated below.  

8.2 The CUSTOMER has a period of fourteen (14) days in which to  withdraw from the CONTRACT without having to provide any reason,  without incurring liability and without having to incur costs other than  those envisaged by the clauses below. 

8.3 The period for exercising the right of withdrawal indicated in Art. 8.2  ends after fourteen days from the acquisition of physical ownership of  the PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER or the recipient, if different.  8.4 Before the expiry of the withdrawal period, the CUSTOMER informs  SAES of its decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from the  CONTRACT. To that end, the CUSTOMER may present an explicit  declaration of its decision to withdraw from the CONTRACT, sending  the same without formalities to any of the addresses indicated in the  definition contained in Art. 1, letter a) above. The CUSTOMER has  exercised the right of withdrawal within the withdrawal period if the  communication confirming exercise of the right of withdrawal is sent by  the CUSTOMER prior to the expiry of the withdrawal period,  irrespective, therefore, of the date on which that communication is  received by SAES. In those circumstances, SAES will send to the  CUSTOMER a confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal exercised to  the email address communicated by the CUSTOMER when registering  on the WEBSITE. The burden to prove the exercise of the right of  withdrawal in compliance with this article is held by the CUSTOMER.  8.5 The communication of withdrawal must contain the following  information: — Recipient: SAES Getters S.p.A. with registered office at  Viale Italia 77 – 20045 – Lainate (Mi) Share Capital: Euro 12,220.00,  VAT no. and Tax Code: 00774910152; Economic & Administrative  Index of Milan: 317232 and Economic & Administrative Index of  Varese: 116941; Tel. +39 02 93178.1 Fax +39 02 93178.250 Certified  email: saes-ul@pec.it, E-mail support@b!pod.it. — I/we hereby (*) give  notice of the withdrawal from my/our (*) sale contract for the following  goods/services (*) — Ordered on (*) /received on (*) — Name of  CUSTOMER(s) — Address of CUSTOMER(s) — Signature of  CUSTOMER(s) (only if this form is notified on paper) - Date  8.6 The integrity of the PRODUCT to be returned following exercise of  the right of withdrawal is an essential condition for exercising that right.  


9.1 If the right of withdrawal is exercised - within the terms and by the  methods specified above - SAES will refund to the CUSTOMER all  payments received from it, possibly including delivery costs (except as  indicated in Art. 9.3), without undue delay and in any case within  fourteen days from the day of SAES being informed of the  CUSTOMER's decision to withdraw from the CONTRACT. The sums  are understood to be refunded within the set timescales if they are  actually returned, sent or re-credited with value date no later than the  expiry of the term indicated above  

9.2 SAES will refund the sums to the CUSTOMER using the same  payment method used by the CUSTOMER for the initial transaction,  except where the CUSTOMER has expressly agreed otherwise. The  CUSTOMER will not incur any cost as a consequence of the refund.  

9.3 SAES will not be required to refund additional delivery costs if the  CUSTOMER has expressly chosen a type of delivery other than the  cheapest delivery offered on the WEBSITE. 

9.4 SAES may retain the refund until it has received the returned  PRODUCTS or until the CUSTOMER has demonstrated that it has  returned the PRODUCTS, depending on which situation occurs first.  9.5 The CUSTOMER, at its own care, expense and risk, must return  the PRODUCTS to SAES, to the details indicated in the definition found  in Art. 1, letter a) above without undue delay and in any case within  fourteen days from the date on which it communicated its decision to  withdraw from the CONTRACT. The set timescale is considered to be  respected if the CUSTOMER returns the PRODUCTS prior to the  expiry of the fourteen day period. The CUSTOMER incurs only the  direct cost of returning the PRODUCTS. The substantial integrity of the  PRODUCT to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the  right of withdrawal. The PRODUCTS must in fact be returned intact and  with the original labels - where present - not removed, in the same  conditions of receipt, having the original packaging and all  accompanying documentation. The PRODUCTS must be packaged  

carefully so as to protect the original wrapping from damage, writing or  labelling. 

  1. APPLICABLE LAW; COURT WITH JURISDICTION Every sale indicated in these General Terms is regulated and  interpreted according to Italian law. 

In relation to any dispute arising from, or in relation to, relationships  regulated by these General Terms, to the extent that the  CUSTOMER is a person other than a CUSTOMER, the court with  exclusive jurisdiction will be that of Milan. To the extent that the  CUSTOMER is, on the other hand, a CONSUMER, for any dispute  relating to the interpretation and execution of these General Terms  or, in any case, a CONTRACT, the Court of the location in which the  CUSTOMER has its residence or domicile will have jurisdiction. 


SAES informs the CUSTOMER that a European platform for online  dispute resolution of Consumers has been established (known as  ODR platform). The following link can be used to access the ODR  platform for dispute resolution made available by the European  Commission: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.  


The personal data provided by the CUSTOMER that will be  processed for the purposes of these General Terms of Sale will  concern browsing data (information on the browser used by the  CUSTOMER, pages visited, date, time and duration of each visit, as  well as other parameters relating to the operating system and IT  environment of the CUSTOMER) and data sent voluntarily by the  CUSTOMER (data necessary to create an account, purchase a  Product and register to the newsletter service) hereafter, overall, the  “Data”.  

In accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force on  personal data protection, it is noted that the Data provided by the  CUSTOMER are collected and processed with the aim of completing  the registration process to the Website and processing the Product  purchase orders. The legal basis of this processing is the need to  execute pre-contractual and contractual measures adopted at the  request of the CUSTOMER and to comply with the related legal  obligations.  

The processing of the Data thus described is necessary as it is related and instrumental to the establishment, continuation and  correct management of the contractual relationship: therefore, any  refusal to provide the Data may involve the impossibility of  establishing or executing the Contract. The provision of the  aforementioned data by the CUSTOMER, albeit optional, is required  in order to fulfil the requests received and, therefore, any failure to  provide them may lead to the impossibility of accepting the requests  received and fulfilling them. 

Furthermore, the Data may be processed in order for SAES to send  newsletters containing news and updates on new products or  services of the Controller. The legal basis for this processing is the  consent of the data subject. The provision of Data for these purposes  occurs on the basis of the explicit and prior consent of the  CUSTOMER: the refusal, or subsequent objection, will make it  impossible for the Controller to send communications and updates on  its activities. 

The CUSTOMER may withdraw the consent at any time by following the procedure indicated in each e-mail or by sending a specific  request to be sent to the contact details indicated at the end of this  paragraph. Any withdrawal of consent will not prejudice the  lawfulness of the processing based on consent granted prior to the  withdrawal. The Data will be processed in both paper form and using  electronic, computer or automated tools, using systems that  guarantee the protection, security and confidentiality of the Data. 

The Company has also adopted specific and appropriate logical,  judicial, organisational and technical security measures to prevent the  loss of Data, the illegal or unauthorised use of the same and  unauthorised access. 

Browsing data - which do not allow the CUSTOMER to be identified - persist for the whole validity period of the Website. 

Data sent voluntarily by CUSTOMERS in completing the various  forms collected for registering an account of the Website or  purchasing a Product will be stored for the time taken to process the  requests of users, and, in any case, for the entire duration, if  identifiable, of the contractual relationship and, once the same is 

Rev. March 2022 

terminated for whatever reason, for a period equal to the standard  limitation period of 10 years. 

Data collected for subscription to the newsletter service, based on  consent, which is optional and may be withdrawn at any time, will be  stored for a maximum of 24 months from the provision of consent. In relation to data provided by the CUSTOMER for the judicial  protection of the Controller, and in the specific instance of a legal  dispute, they will be stored for the entire duration of the same, until  the terms for lodging all appeal actions have elapsed. Data provided voluntarily by the CUSTOMER may also be stored for  longer periods of time if necessary to comply with statutory and/or  legal obligations, as well as to guarantee the judicial protection of the  Company's rights, in compliance with standard limitation periods. The processing of the CUSTOMER's Data will take place at the  aforementioned office of the Company, and the Data will be stored on  servers located within the European Union.  

Any transfer of the Data abroad - and in particular to the USA - may  take place within the context of the involvement of third parties.  These transfers will take place following the adoption, by the  Controller, of suitable guarantees such as the signature of Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission. 

The CUSTOMER may exercise all rights granted in accordance with  the legislation on personal data protection in force and in particular, in  accordance with Articles 15-22 of the GDPR, the CUSTOMER has  the right to request and obtain, at any time, access to the personal  data, information on the processing performed, rectification and/or  updating of personal data, the erasure and restriction of processing.  Furthermore, the CUSTOMER also has the right to object to  processing and to request data portability (meaning the right to  receive the personal data in a structured, commonly used and  machine readable format). Finally, the CUSTOMER always has the  right to withdraw consent at any time (however, this is without  prejudice to the lawfulness of processing carried out based on  consent provided prior to withdrawal) and to lodge a complaint with  the supervisory authority (in Italy: the Data Protection Authority  "Garante"). The aforementioned rights may be exercised at any time,  by simple request to the Controller, to be sent by email to the address  privacy@ saes-group.com or by contacting the Legal & Compliance  Department at Saes Getters S.p.A., Viale Italia 77, Lainate (MI). 1).  By sending the purchase order, the CUSTOMER acknowledges to  have read and understood the above and issues consent to the  processing of personal data for the purposes described here.

Rev. March 2022