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high vacuum device.

set of three containers.

charging kit.

Bring the magic of vacuum in your kitchen.

premium compact vacuum.

providing high-performance vacuum power in the weight of an apple.

designed for reliable precision.

ensuring precise performance and consistent quality for optimal vacuum results every time.

engineered for durability.

built to withstand even the clumsiest chef in the kitchen, its robust construction and design ensure longevity and reliability.

embrace the rhythm: prep, vacuum, eat, repeat.

transform your kitchen with B!POD. effortlessly switch between two vacuum power levels, monitor the real-time process on the screen, and complete it in just 30 seconds. simplicity at its finest.

nothing better.

maximum performance, minimal effort.

defying standard dimensions, providing professional grade vacuum performances.

versatility redefined: the device for every food need.

B!POD: not just storing. discover its abilities in marinating, mixing, and space organizing.

the space-saving solution.

designed to fit on any kitchen counter and effortlessly blending into the ambiance. its compact form allows it to fit even into the smallest of spaces.

battery that lasts.

the battery fully charges in less than two hours, and will be ready up to 15/20 uninterrupted vacuum suctions.

sustainable materials.

starting from 2024 B!POD containers are made from ocean-bound plastics recovered from rivers and oceans to contribute to the recovery of non-recyclable and polluting materials.

Exceptional vacuum power.

the dual power mode allows you to reach 50 mbar in less than 30 seconds, eliminating up to 95% of oxygen.

A premium approach to sustainability.

every action is designed to be simple and natural. sustainability guides every aspect of B!POD, from the design to logistics.

Earth-Conscious Packaging

the packaging is recyclable, sourced from certified renewable sources, and potentially reusable, made from Shiro Eco Paper, the most sustainable on the market.

Ocean Bound Plastics

since 2023, B!POD uses ocean-bound plastics from rivers and oceans for its containers, aiding in reclaiming non-recyclable pollution.

Energy-Efficient Vacuum

a vacuum process created with DRO!D consumes only a fifth of the energy required to make a coffee capsule, and its effect lasts for weeks.