compostable food bags.

the first compostable active packaging for home by B!POD.

whether you’re storing snacks, meals, or anything in between, our eco-friendly, compostable bags have you covered. they can be used in the fridge, freezer, or pantry, and are also very convenient for packed lunches, always within reach. smart, colorful, safe, and space-saving, they are completely biodegradable and certified.

pick between two kits, available in sets of 5 or 8! each kit includes 3 different sizes with one of the vibrant illustrations, celebrating Moon and Sun Bears. 

Kit of 5:

  • 2 small bags (S) 

  • 2 medium bags (M)

  • 1 large bag (L)

Kit of 8:

  • 2 small bags (S)

  • 4 medium bags (M)

  • 2 large bags (L)


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sustainable shipping.

100% Made in Italy

a sustainable choice to reduce food waste and contribute to environmental protection.

a space-saving solution

B!POD bags can be used in every kitchen context but are especially designed for situations where space optimization is necessary, such as in the freezer or pantry.

preserves any type of food.

B!POD bags are versatile and can be used to preserve all types of food, ensuring they stay fresh and protected in any environment. thanks to the high-barrier layer, food stays fresh longer and is protected from the oxidizing and bacterial effects of the external atmosphere. although designed for single use, they can be reused multiple times if used to store dry foods, spices, and powders.

the small size is a doypack!

this means it is constructed with a base that allows it to stand upright on its own. perfect for coffee, nuts, and all the small items in your pantry.

a sustainable way to preserve food.

B!POD's compostable bags are the sustainable alternative to common single-use plastic bags. they are made from 100% compostable materials and can be disposed of in organic waste without harming the environment. equipped with an airtight seal, they protect food more safely and hygienically in any setting, slowing down the spoilage process thanks to the high-barrier coating. the external side is made with a thin layer of paper, allowing you to write the bag's contents.

what food you can store.

eco-friendly and compostable.

B!POD bags are certified by TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Austria for compostability and safe food contact. they are designed for low footprint and high performance. thanks to an advanced material developed by SAES. the multilayer structure confers high barrier properties to the bags without compromising the compostability.

100% compostable high-barrier bags for food.

BIPOD bags are made with a special compostable high-barrier film developed by SAES Packaging, now available for domestic use for the first time. SAES Packaging specializes in high-barrier films for packaging through functional coatings deposited using water-based technologies. thanks to their special composition, the bags have high-barrier properties and are both compostable and biodegradable. this is a sustainable solution to combat the use of single-use multilayer plastics.

supporting sun and moon bears.

the illustrations on the bags are a tribute to our support program for Animals Asia, a Hong Kong-based charity that seeks to end cruelty to animals in Asia. they are on a mission to rescue bears and put an end to bile farms, a program we strongly believe in and care deeply about.
this is why we have decided to donate 8% of B!POD's revenue.
together, we can generate a positive impact.