container set napoleon fish.

with three different sizes, you can preserve everything. from small portions to family meals, we have you covered. 

experience Food Protection up to 5 Times Longer.

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what's inside.

container S

container M

container L

round containers.

uniquely indestructible.

versatile containers in three sizes. vacuum-sealed, impact-resistant, and thermally shockproof. perfect wherever you place them.


simplify your cleanup routine and enjoy hassle-free cleaning.


keep your meals fresh and organized for longer, effortlessly freeze and store your food.


enjoy hot leftovers in no time, simplify your reheating process with our microwave-safe container.

even more sustainable.

without compromising durability and safety, the new containers are even more sustainable thanks to the use of plastics recovered from the oceans.

for weeks, not days.

the power combination DRO!D + containers can significantly extend your food’s life.

food. no vacuum. under vacuum.
1-2 days
4-6 days
2-3 days
7-10 days
half avocado
1-2 days
4-6 days
soft cheese
4-5 days
13-15 days
5-6 days
15-18 days

the exceptional beauty of the colours.

knowing biodiversity is the first step to loving it. our planet is the greatest theatre of biodiversity in the galaxy and our earth deserves to be rediscovered and protected.

round is better.

the containers are round in three sizes, matryoshka lockable and stackable. they are rounded to prevent the strong vacuum from permanently deforming them.